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About Us
By About Us, I really mean us, you and me, together, collectively!

Well, we are in the same boat! We have been diagnosed with Diabetes, or we know someone with Diabetes, maybe a family member, friend or child. Regardless of the association of which we have with diabetes, this site offers a place for us to share information and views beyond the clinical constraints of having a disease! For me, at least, it’s a condition, a condition that I can embrace and manage without fear.

This site offers a platform for you to express you views, share your thoughts, ideas, stories and experiences living with Diabetes. This can be about yourself or others you may know. Tell us about your lifestyle, eating habits, medicines you take, absolutely anything! Please share it with us as we really are interested in what you have to say. We want to know about your opinions, products you use and services currently being offered and do they actually work for you? Tell us why.


Meet Beet & Cane!

Beet represents Sugar Beet of which is grown in the colder parts of the world, Beet is overweight, not unlike many Diabetics., but I don’t tell him that! Beet is not sweetenuff. (Low Sugar)

Cane represents Sugar Cane of which is grown in the warmer climates of the world, Cane is slim, and struggles with weight loss! Cane is Sweetenuff. (High Sugar)

These characters’ collectively for me, represent an easy way to identify the diabetes Type, being Type 1 (Low Sugar) or Type 2 (High Sugar) and the struggle of self-maintenance in a positive way, in a nutshell, they represent you and me.

Now you know who we are, and what we are about, we want to know about you! So please join our blog and help yourself to real information from real people without fear or pressure in an environment which is positive and not clinical.

You have a condition, like me, and if you feel like its hopeless and nobody cares or understands, you are correct! However, if you feel there is hope and people do care, you are also correct! Just choose! Make that positive choice by joining me and others in the same boat!

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